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a couch that is made up of separate pieces
a) dissection b) sectional c) sector d) intersection
to cut into two pieces
a) trisect b) dissect c) quadrisect d) bisect
to cut across something
a) transect b) vivisection c) intersection d) sector
to cut into three separate pieces
a) bisect b) quadrisect c) trisect d) dissect
a separate part of something
a) vivisection b) sectional c) section d) transect
a separate part of a society, group, or area
a) sector b) transect c) intersection d) sectional
the point at which two lines or roads meet and cut across each other
a) intersection b) sectional c) vivisection d) sector
surgery on living animals; medical research that involves cutting into living animals to study organs, tissues, or diseases
a) intersection b) sectional c) bisect d) vivisection
a class of small arthropod animals that has three separate sections to their bodies:head, thorax, abdomen
a) insect b) sector c) sectional d) intersection
to cut apart for the purpose of investigation
a) section b) dissect c) sectional d) insect
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