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Why does warm air rise and cold air sink?
a) because warm air is less dense than cold air b) because cold air is less dense than warm air c) because warm air is denser than cold air d) because warm air has more pressure than cold air does
The winds that blow from the poles to 60 degrees latitude in both hemispheres are called
a) the doldrums b) trade winds c) prevailing westerlies d) polar easterlies
What is the atmosphere?
a) oxygen b) carbon dioxide c) nitrogen d) a mixture of gases
When the amount of energy received from the sun and the amount of energy returned to space are about equal, it is called
a) seasonal equality b) solar reradiation c) radiation balance d) global warming
Air temperature changes as altitude increases because of
a) gases that absorb solar energy. b) air pressure. c) gravity's pull on oxygen. d) air pollution.
When air near the ground is warmed by sunlight, which of the following occurs?
a) The warm air radiates and becomes cool again. b) The warm air loses its ability to hold water and precipitates. c) The warm air evaporates into the cooler air. d) The warm air expands and rises, resulting in convection.
Energy transferred as heat through a material is called
a) radiation b) convection current c) convection d) thermal conduction
Energy transferred as electromagnetic waves is called
a) convection b) advection c) radiation d) conduction
The wind belt in which most of the United States is located and has winds that blow from 30 degrees to 60 degrees latitude in both hemispheres is called
a) polar easterlies b) trade winds c) prevailing westerlies d) doldrums
The ozone layer is located in which layer of the atmosphere?
a) troposphere b) stratosphere c) mesosphere d) thermosphere
When does a sea breeze usually occur?
a) It occurs during the day when the surface of the sea cools faster than the land. b) It occurs during the night when the air above the land is warmer than the air above the sea. c) It occurs during the day when the land heats faster than the surface of the sea. d) It occurs during the night when the surface of the sea cools faster than the land.
The process by which gases in the atmosphere absorb thermal energy and radiate it back to earth is called
a) global warming. b) the thermal effect. c) the greenhouse effect. d) radiation balance.
Which answer best describes Earth's atmosphere?
a) mostly carbon dioxide with about 21% oxygen b) mostly oxygen with about 21% nitrogen c) mostly nitrogen with about 21% carbon dioxide d) mostly nitrogen with about 21% oxygen
By which method does most thermal energy in the atmosphere circulate?
a) advection b) convection c) conduction d) radiation
In which direction does the jet stream that influences weather across the continental United States usually flow?
a) from East near California to west near North Carolina b) from the northeast corner near Massachusetts toward the southwest corner near California c) from Texas to Michigan d) from the northwest corner of Seattle toward the southeast
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