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Which planet is known as the red planet?
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Earth d) Mars
What are the light and dark areas of the moon called
a) solid and flat b) dark and light c) Maria and Terrae d) Morio and Milliar
Which planet looks smooth and featureless?
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Earth d) Jupiter
Which planet has the shortest year (88 Earth Days)?
a) Mercury b) Venus c) Earth d) Mars
Which planet looks like our moon?
a) Mars b) Earth c) Venus d) Mercury
Which planet is the hottest
a) Mars b) Earth c) Venus d) Mercury
What is one of the elements that makes up the sun?
a) Titatnium b) Hydrogen c) Lithium d) Oxygen
What is our sun?
a) plasma ball b) planet c) fire ball d) electricity ball
Which of these have humans not set foot on?
a) The moon b) Earth c) Mars d)
Where are there no plate tectonics?
a) Earth b) Moon c) Mars d)
It would take 5 years to get to this planet and 5 years to get back.
a) Earth b) Earth's moon c) Mars d) Jupiter
What are the outer layers of Jupiter made of?
a) rock b) ice c) gas d) liquid
What is the largest planet in our solar system?
a) Saturn b) Jupiter c) Uranus d) Neptune
Which is the least dense planet?
a) Jupiter b) Saturn c) Uranus d) Neptune
Which planet is tilted on its side?
a) Jupiter b) Saturn c) Uranus d) Neptune
How many moons are discovered around Uranus
a) 1 b) 14 c) 27 d) 138
Which is the furthest planet from the sun
a) Saturn b) Uranus c) Neptune d) Pluto
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