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Who was a group of people who had a religious dispute with the Church of England?
a) Protestants b) Puritans c) Lutherans d) Christians
Who was the respected leader and founder of Massachusetts Bay Colony?
a) John Winthrop b) John Smith c) William Bradford d) Lord Baltimore
What is the recognition that other people have the right to different opinions?
a) Denial b) Intoleration c) Toleration d) Dissidence
Who led a group of Native Americans in a war against the Puritans?
a) John Smith b) Metacom c) William Bradford d) Squanto
What was a colony that began as a result of dissent with the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
a) Rhode Island b) Connecticut c) Both d) None
What is a colony created by a grant of land to an individual or a family?
a) Royal Colony b) Proprietary Colony c) Religious Colony d) Debtor's Colony
Who was the religious group that settled the Pennsylvania colony?
a) Quakers b) Puritans c) Pilgrims d) Catholics
Who was the founder of Pennsylvania and had the idea for a Holy Experiment?
a) William Bradford b) William Penn c) Ben Franklin d) Lord Baltimore
Which of the following would describe the Middle colonies in terms of economy and people?
a) Diverse b) Dissent c) Motivated d) Intolerant
What limited the power of the monarchy (king or queen) in England?
a) Mandate of Heaven b) Divine Right of Kings c) Parliament d) The Supreme Court
Which colony was England's first attempt to estabish settlement in North America?
a) Jamestown b) Roanoke c) Plymouth d) Massachusetts Bay Colony
What is a document that is issued by a government and grants specific rights to a person or company?
a) Charter b) Contract c) Pledge d) Decree
What was a problem facing Jamestown?
a) Lack of farmers in the population b) All c) Diseases d) General laziness
Who helped Jamestown succeed with his philosophy of He who works not, eats not?
a) John Smith b) Powhattan c) William Bradford d) Sir Walter Raleigh
Which of the following was a new crop that gave Jamestown a way to make a profit?
a) Rice b) Tobacco c) Corn d) Cucumbers
What was a document signed by the Pilgrims that stated that their government would make just and equal laws?
a) The Justic Code b) The Magna Carta c) The Virginia Charter d) The Mayflower Compact
Which Southern colony was established on toleration?
a) Maryland b) Virginia c) North Carolina d) Georgia
Which colony was established by James Oglethorpe as a haven for debtors?
a) Maryland b) Virginia c) Pennslyvania d) Georgia
What were large farms in the tidewater area?
a) Plantations b) Ranches c) Enciomiendas d) Patroons
Who actually outnumbered the colonists in South Carolina?
a) Native Americans b) Women c) Slaves d) Spanish Conquistadors
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