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Greed, desire for wealth
a) Bacchanalian b) Copious c) Avarice d) Irascible
Stealthy, secretive
a) Furtive b) Mercenary c) Bastion d) Ostracize
Wild and drunken
a) Copious b) Jettison c) Extradite d) Bacchanalian
To turn over to another government
a) Ostracize b) Extradite c) Irascible d) Avarice
Numerous, large in quantity
a) Furtive b) Bastion c) Copious d) Mercenary
Easily angered
a) Jettison b) Bastion c) Furtive d) Irascible
A professional soldier
a) Mercenary b) Copious c) Bastion d) Extradite
A strong defense or fort
a) Avarice b) Bacchanalian c) Bastion d) Irascible
To cast overboard, discard
a) Copious b) Jettison c) Extradite d) Ostracize
To banish, shut out from a group
a) Bacchanalian b) Copious c) Ostracize d) Avarice
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