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what two men sailed for the spanish
a) ponce de leon and columbus b) cabot and balboa c) cartier and hudson d) ponce de leon and cabot
who was born in france
a) Hudson b) Columbus c) Cartier d) Balboa
Who found the Isthmus of Panama
a) Balboa b) Ponce de Leon c) Cabot d) hudson
Who sailed for Spain in 1513 ?
a) Cartier b) De Leon c) Columbus d) Balboa
Who is the Hudson River named after?
a) hudson b) ponce de leon c) columbus d) balboa
Cartier's achievements were....
a) he first European to discover the gulf of mexico b) he explored eastern canada and st. lawrence river c) he explored hudson river and hudson bay d) he revealed existence of the Americas to europe
Some obstacles Cabot faced were.....
a) frightened crew b) fought native ameracans c) no maps and did not know what he would find d) had to cross mountains and jungles of panama
what did Juan Ponce de Leon look for
a) western sea route to asia b) northwest passage and gold c) silk gold and jems and spices d) riches and fountain of youth
Columbus sailed in ...... and explored for
a) 1492 spain b) 1497 engaland c) 1513 spain d) 1534 france
Who believed he was in Asia but it was actually Canada
a) DeLeon b) Cabot c) Columbus d) Balboa
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