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What do you call a ruler with absolute power?
a) mayor b) dictator c) President d) Prime Minister
The use of violence or terror to get your way is called __________ .
a) Bullying b) Dictator c) Victim d) Terrorism
Thick dark oil found under the earth's surface is called _____.
a) Petroleum b) Sludge c) Mud d) Silt
What are materials the come directly from the nature called?
a) Capital Resources b) Human Resources c) Natural Resources d) Non-Renewable Resources
What is a map that shows countries and states?
a) Political Map b) Physical Map c) Weather Map d) Road Map
What is a map the shows natural features called?
a) Political Map b) Physical Map c) Weather Map d) Road Map
What is it called when you move from one country to another and make it a new home?
a) Nomad b) Travler c) Immigration d) Visitor
Loyalty and devotion to one's county is called _______.
a) Patriotism b) Nationalism c) Terrorism d) Dictatorship
A chart or diagram of an area of land is called a ____.
a) Map b) Graph c) Picture d) Atlas
A book of maps is called an ________ .
a) Map b) Atlas c) Encyclopedia d) Almanaic
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