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Which type of government is where the Elite make all the decisions, only a few people rule, and some Aftrican tribes use this form of government
a) Oligarchy b) Autocracy c) Democracy d) Unitary
Which type of government is characterized by a single ruler, the ruler has unlimited power, no elections are held, and Cuba uses this type of government.
a) Oligarchy b) Autocracy c) Democracy d) Unitary
This is a way governments divide power; it is shared between central government and lower levels of government; the United States, Germany, and Canada are a few examples
a) Unitary b) Confederation c) Autocracy d) Federal
This way of distributing government power is characterized by a constitution; the Central government has all the power; France, Spain and Italy are all examples
a) Oligarchy b) Federal c) Unitary d) Confederation
In this type of government the people rule; citizens vote; citizens can be elected to office; examples are United States and Canada
a) Democracy b) Unitary c) Confederation d) Autocracy
Participants are voluntary; they are equal members; this is the first step toward creating a more powerful government; Examples are European Union and Soviet Union
a) Federal b) Unitary c) Oligarchy d) Confederation
Name the two types of democratic governments
a) Unitary and Federal b) Presidential and Parliamentary c) Oligarchy and Autocracy d) Federal and Oligarchy
In this government, the president is the chief executive. He is in charge of day to day operations of the country. The leader is chosen by the votes of the people.
a) Parliamentary Democracy b) Confederation Democracy c) Presidential Democracy d) Political Democracy
The Prime Minister is the chief executive in this form of government. The Prime Minister is chosen by the legislature. Great Britain, Cananda, and Germany are examples
a) Democracy b) Unitary Democracy c) Presidential Democracy d) Parliamentary Democracy
A dictator would rule under this form of government
a) autocracy b) oligarchy c) democracy d) republic
Power is divided or shared between a strong central government and lower levels of government
a) unitary b) federal c) confederation d) oligarchy
Rule by the people; people vote and give their opinions
a) autocracy b) oligarchy c) democracy d) confederation
One central government has all the power
a) confederation b) federal c) unitary d) democracy
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