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process by which animals release water vapor in the air
a) transpiration b) respiration c) condensation d) evaporation
process by which a liquid changes to gas.
a) transpiration b) precipitation c) evaporation d) condensation
process by which plants release water vapor to the air
a) respiration b) transpiration c) condensation d) evaporation
process b y which a gas changes to a liquid
a) transpiration b) evaporation c) precipitation d) condensation
highest air pressure
a) troposphere b) stratosphere c) exosphere d) thermosphere
lowest air pressure
a) mesosphere b) exosphere c) stratosphere d) thermosphere
any form of water that falls to the ground
a) precipitation b) evaporation c) condensation d) respiration
protects Earth from meteors
a) thermosphere and the stratosphere b) stratosphere and mesosphere c) exosphere and the troposhere d) thermosphere and mesosphere
protects Earth from Sun's ultraviolet rays
a) stratosphere b) exosphere c) ozone layer d) troposphere
most of the FRESH water
a) icebergs b) oceans c) glaciers d) snow
most of the water on Earth
a) rivers b) lakes c) glaciers d) oceans
most abundant gas in the atmosphere
a) nitrogen b) methane c) oxygen d) argon
weather occurs
a) stratosphere b) troposphere c) exosphere d) thermosphere
solid part of Earth
a) geosphere b) cryosphere c) biosphere d) atmosphere
crust, mantle, core
a) cryosphere b) atmosphere c) geosphere d) hydrosphere
all living things
a) geosphere b) atmosphere c) biosphere d) cryosphere
glaciers, ice caps, snow, icebergs
a) hydrosphere b) geosphere c) atmosphere d) cryosphere
thin layer of gases surrounding Earth
a) geosphere b) atmosphere c) hydosphere d) cryosphere
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