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What _________ of your textbook do you like the best?
a) demonstrate b) lightning c) features d) evidence
The new action movie is _____ for families and children.
a) similar b) evidence c) demonstrate d) appropriate
A firefighter came to our class to _______ what to do during a fire drill.
a) feature b) demonstrate c) appropriate d) evidence
The best _____________ of the cell phone is the camera.
a) demonstrate b) feature c) consist of d) evidence
Lightning is usually followed by this loud sound.
a) thunder b) temperature c) sky d) clouds
What is it called when liquid water turns into a gas because of heat?
a) lightning b) demonstrate c) electricity d) evaporation
What is a measure of how hot or cold something is?
a) lightning b) temperature c) thermometer d) thunder
What word describes a kind of energy?
a) evaporate b) thunder c) electricity d) temperature
Which word describes a flash of light in the sky?
a) electricity b) light c) thunder d) lightning
What word means a part that stands out?
a) feature b) appropriate c) demonstrate d) evaporate
What word means to show how to do something?
a) feature b) appropriate c) demonstrate d) evaporate
What word means fitting or suitable?
a) demonstrate b) appropriate c) feature d) evaporate
What are some _________ ways to act in your classroom?
a) demonstrate b) similar c) evidence d) appropriate
Can you _____ how to make a paper airplane?
a) demonstrate b) appropriate c) evidence d) feature
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