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These animals are col-blooded. They have dry scaly skin, and breathe air through lungs.
a) reptile b) amphibian c) mammal d) fish
Scientists classify insects, spiders, and crabs as
a) arthropods b) vertebrates c) reptiles d) arthropods
Something that causes a reaction in a living thing is called a(n)
a) stimulus b) behavior c) instinct d) inherited characteristic
Which adaptation might help protect a plant from being eaten?
a) a thorny stem b) a substance that attracts insects c) a waxy coating d) a flower that looks like a bee
These animals are warm-blooded. They have hair or fur on their bodies. Thier young do not hatch from eggs.
a) mammals b) birds c) amphibians d) reptiles
Which of the following is an example of an instinctive behavior
a) hibernation b) lion cubs learning to hunt by watching older lions c) having the same eye color as your mother d) speaking Chinese
Which is not a type of plant reproduction?
a) nonvascular b) seeds c) cones d) spores
Which type of adaptation may help an animal get food?
a) claws b) bright colors c) surviving in low temperatures d) quills
The structure in a plant that makes pollen is called a____.
a) stamen b) pistil c) flower d) sepal
Which of the following is not a mammal?
a) ostrich b) human c) whale d) elephant
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