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Which is NOT one of the three types of sentences?
a) complex b) compound c) complicated d) Simple
When the doorbell rang, Todd ran down the stairs so fast that he tripped on his shoelaces .
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
The zookeeper wanted to be off on Sunday, but the zoo is having a special event and will be open .
a) compound b) complex c) simple d)
Although it is raining, Melissa and her friends are still going to the concert.
a) compound b) simple c) complex d)
Joe's brother has the lead in the musical because his voice best fits the part.
a) compound b) complex c) simple d)
James's injury was why the coach took him out of the game, but he was able to play during the fourth quarter.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
Because our history class will be at the museum, I'll miss the Spanish quiz, but I'll take it after school.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
In history class, our group is writing and presenting a report about the culture and history of Australia.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
A simple sentence is made up of a subject and a predicate.
a) False b) True c) d)
Mr. Tanaka helped us identify the person who could answer the questions correctly.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
Lauren and Jerome will set up for the meeting, and the rest of us will clean up later.
a) simple b) compound c) complex d)
Jacqueline was late for work.
a) Simple b) compound c) complex d)
A complex sentence has
a) an independent clause and uses FANBOYS b) an independent clause, subordinator, and a dependent clause c) two or more sentences connected by one of the FANBOYS d) a dependent clause and a subordinator
An independent clause is
a) a sentence b) an incomplete sentence c) a FANBOY d) an incomplete phrase
The car came to a stop, but it hit the fire hydrant anyway.
a) complex b) Compound c) simple d)
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