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Short for Hyper Text Markup Language, a programming language used for website files.
a) Search Engine b) Web Browser c) HTML d) Server
A way to connect to the Internet using radio waves to connect devices instead of using wires and cables.
a) Internet b) WiFi c) Network d) Server
A computer on a network that provides services, like email, online games, and website hosting, to clients.
a) Server b) Search Engine c) Network d) Internet
Sending files from a computer or device to a server or computer somewhere on the Internet.
a) Download b) Email c) Server d) Upload
Getting information from a computer or server somewhere on the Internet and transferring it to your computer or device.
a) Upload b) Download c) Network d) Email
A software program that you use to look at websites.
a) Search Engine b) Download c) HTML d) Web Browser
Short for Uniform Resource Locator, the address of a website.
a) URL b) Web Browser c) Internet d) Network
A group of computers and devices connected by communications channels, either wired or wireless.
a) World Wide Web b) Network c) Upload d) URL
All of the webpages on the Internet.
a) World Wide Web b) Internet c) Network d) Web Browser
A network that connects millions of computers around the world.
a) World Wide Web b) HTML c) Internet d) WiFI
A website that lets you search for websites and other documents on the Internet that contain a certain keyword or phrase.
a) Search Engine b) Web Browser c) Server d) World Wide Web
When someone you meet online asks for personal information like your phone number or address, you should:
a) Only share it with them if they tell you they say they are the same age as you. b) Give the information to anyone who asks because it is the polite thing to do. c) Share the information on social media, like Facebook, for everyone to see. d) Never give out personal information online because you never know who you are really communicating with.
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