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Sara works in a small fashion boutique. She tries to be responsive to customer needs so that she and the business will both benefit from:
a) Added utility. b) more effective promotion c) pressure selling d) repeat customers
Small pieces of ribbon or cloth that are permanently attached to the insides of garments to provide product information are:
a) Hanger loops. b) hangtags c) labels d) packaging
Successful salespeople should be:
a) Aggressive towards coworkers in order to gain sales and job promotions b) Forceful in dealing with undecided customers c) Slow to approach customers who are examining merchandise. d) Skilled in solving customer problems to create repeat customers.
Compensation based on a percentage of the dollar amount of the sale made by a salesperson is:
a) Commission. b) overtime c) salary d) wages
Which is NOT characteristic of a successful salesperson?
a) Creates repeat customers by solving customer problems b) Develops professional relationships with customers c) Is the only store contact for most customers d) Leaves customers alone in the store so they can shop
Which information would MOST LIKELY be included on a hangtag?
a) Care requirements b) Identification of the item’s country of origin c) Identification of the producer or distributor d) Style and price
Cherie answers the customer’s questions about microfibers and explains the benefits of owning apparel made from microfibers. She is demonstrating:
a) Commission selling. b) high esteem c) high pressure selling d) product knowledge
The covering, wrapper, or container in which some items are placed is the
a) Container. b) hangtag c) label d) Packaging
Estee Lauder cosmetics will award the sales associate with the highest total sales for the summer a three-day all-expense-paid-trip to Myrtle Beach. The trip is a/an:
a) Commission. b) incentive c) salary d) sales quota
Juan is helping a customer with a purchase. The customer cannot decide which item to buy. At this point, Juan’s BEST course of action to help his customer reach a buying decision would be to:
a) Show the customer more new merchandise. b) Stop showing additional items c) Use the direct close. d) Use the standing room only close
Amy works at the cosmetics counter in a department store. Each time she performs a makeover for a customer, she records the information for future reference. Amy is using a/an:
a) Client file. b) Inventory record. c) sales record d) stock list
The beginning step in the retail selling process, when the salesperson acknowledges the customer’s presence, is the:
a) Approach. b) greeting c) opening d) preapproach
An exchange transaction in which the replacement merchandise sells for more or less than the returned merchandise is a/an:
a) Allowance. b) even exchange c) odd exchange d) uneven exchange
George helps Roderick select two men’s dress shirts. After Roderick decides to purchase the shirts, George shows him matching ties. George is trying to increase the sale by using:
a) Add-ons. b) More-than-one selling. c) special offers d) trading up
Anthony explains that he likes the khaki slacks but because they must be dry cleaned he hesitates to purchase them. The salesperson responds, Actually, these slacks are made with microfiber, so you can machine wash them and dry them on low in the dry
a) Demonstration b) direct denial c) question d) third party
The FIRST face-to-face meeting of the customer and the salesperson is the
a) Approach. b) closing c) demonstration d) merchandise presentation
Add-ons, trading up, special offers, and more-thanone are techniques for:
a) Closing the sale. b) Determining wants and needs. c) Handling objections. d) Suggestion selling
A decided customer:
a) Has a need but has not identified a product to meet that need. b) Knows exactly what he/she wants and why. c) Needs the salesperson to make recommendations d) Wants to browse.
A salesperson who explains the fiber content of a particular fabric has presented a/an:
a) Benefit. b) feature c) objection d) option
Nordstrom distinguishes itself from other department stores by providing exceptional service and exceeding customer’s expectations. Nordstrom uses:
a) Communication selling. b) Customer-oriented selling. c) High pressure selling. d) Sales-oriented selling
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