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My sister____ to pop concerts.
a) never goes b) goes never c) never go d) go never
He_____ watch films on Mondays.
a) don't watch b) doesn't watches c) doesn't watch d) don't watches
___ you play hockey?
a) Do b) Does c) you d) don't
We _____ out alone at night.
a) doesn't go b) don't go c) doesn't goes d) go don't
I______ gymnastics.
a) somtimes do b) sometimes does c) do somtimes d) sometimes do
She_______ a belt
a) never wear b) never wearing c) wear never d) never wears
_____ your brother play hockey?
a) Don't b) Does c) Do d) Is
They_____ in the swimming pool
a) often swim b) ofen swim c) swim often d) often swims
Mary______ English at school
a) don't study b) studies c) don't studies d) study
I_____ on skiing holidays in the winter.
a) goes b) never goes c) always go d) go always
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