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Texas has experienced several years of little or no rainfall. Because of this weather pattern, farmers and ranchers have had great economic hardships and large cities such as Dallas have had to create water rationing laws. What is this weather?
a) flood b) drought c) tornado d) hurricane
At a quarry, soil was removed to get to the rock layers underneath. Which part of the environment was probably least affected by this soil being removed?
a) air b) groundwater c) runoff water d) plants
When you can see exactly where water pollution came from it is ______ pollution.
a) Source b) Non-source c) d)
Knowing how a rock responds to having water run over it for 96 hours would be useful for -
a) a farmer choosing between contour farming or terracing to prevent erosion b) a shorefront property owner wanting to protect his property from chemical weathering c) a sculptor deciding which type of rock to use in a monument d) a golf course grounds keeper deciding what kind of turf to plant on the fairways and greens
Four different rock samples from 4 ecoregions of Texas were run under water for 96 hours. The purpose of the investigation is to determine-
a) what kind of rock particles are suitable for purifying water b) how changes in the rate of water flow effect different kinds of rocks c) to analyze the effects of weathering on various environments of Texas d) the effects of pH on different kinds of rocks
Palo Duro Canyon, often called the Grand Canyon of Texas, is located in the Panhandle. The steep walls and deep caves of the canyon were most likely carved by-
a) water erosion from a fork of the Red River b) years of prevailing winds from the Rocky Mountains c) deforestation by early settlers d) continuous, intense rainfall over long periods of time
In spring 2003 a natural rock outcropping in New Hampshire called the Old Man of the Mountain collapsed. Which of the following most likely loosened the rock and caused it to fall?
a) Heat turning sedimentary rock into metamorphic rock b) Water freezing and thawing inside cracks in the rock c) Volcanic activity producing pressure at the rock's base d) Oxygen reacting with iron on the surface of the rock
Ground water contamination in most states most likely originates from-
a) fertilizer b) human waste c) oil spills d) radioactive substances
Which ecoregion of Texas is most likely to be most affected by wind erosion?
a) East Texas Piney Woods b) Rolling Plains c) Blackland Prairies d) Gulf Coast Prairies and Marshes
If a large volcano that is on an island erupts, it will impact the local ecosystem. Which of the following is NOT a way the volcano will affect the local ecosystem?
a) Lava will run down from the volcano, burning down all the trees around the volcano. b) The lava from the volcano will heat up the air in the local area and kill all life in the area. c) When the volcano erupts, it will throw dust into the air affecting plants across the island. d) The lava will run into the ocean around the island, killing coral reef animals.
The Earth's surface is constantly changing. This is mainly due to the -
a) increased amount of decaying soil. b) average yearly rainfall. c) number of meteors in the night sky. d) action of wind, water, ice and waves.
The rangeland in West Texas was affected in the summer of 2012 by hot, dry soil. What event was this?
a) Blizzard b) Flood c) Drought d) Tornado
During a lab a glass thermometer is broken by accident. What is the best way to deal with this accident?
a) Brush glass into the sink. b) Use cardboard to sweep up glass. c) Pick up and dispose of glass in trash. d) Have teacher take care of broken glass.
Which of these natural disasters is most likely to happen with little to no warning.
a) Earthquakes b) Tsunamis c) Hurricanes d) Tornadoes
There is an area in the middle of the US that receives predictable yearly severe weather patterns, especially during the spring and summer. What type of weather is this?
a) Blizzard b) Tornado c) Flood d) Hurricane
Hurricanes can change ecosystems. The storm surge pushes salt water into fresh water marshes killing the grasses. What is a possible effect this would have on wildlife in the marshes?
a) Alligators were displaced to areas closer to people's homes and businesses. b) Migratory birds heading south to winter didn't have a resting place. c) Cattle were stranded with no grass to graze upon. d) All of these.
Plants serve a dual purpose in the erosion process. They anchor down soil which helps prevent erosion, but in contrast they can cause erosion. Which of the following best describes a process by which they can cause erosion?
a) Plant can grow in the soil between rocks, loosening and cracking the material. b) Roots can absorb water from the soil and transport it to the rest of the plant. c) Plants and roots act as ground cover for the soil. d) Soil picked up by the wind and carried as dust for several miles.
Wildebeest are cow-like animals with horns. They migrate in herds across Africa in search of the grasses they feed on. Wildebeests are prey for lions. What impact would a drought have on the wildebeest and lion populations?
a) Wildebeest and lion populations will both increase. b) Wildebeest populations will increase while lion populations will decrease. c) Wildebeest and lion populations will both decrease. d) Wildebeest populations will decrease while lion populations will increase.
The geotropism of plant roots cause rocks to break apart; this is an example of
a) erosion b) chemical weathering c) deposition d) physical weathering
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