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Three days was simply not a(n) ---- amount of time to complete such a lot of work.
a) acceptable b) instructions c) peer d) specimen
You don't need to be a(n) ---- see what the problem here is.
a) term b) genius c) assignment d) acceptable
Make sure you read all the ---- carefully before setting up the device.
a) mental b) term c) instructions d) peer
There are special schools for students with ---- disorders.
a) mental b) instructions c) peer d) ample
Seeing that some of their ---- have one, children ask their parents for a mobile phone at a very early age.
a) peers b) optional c) specimen d) term
When the space probe landed on Mars, the first thing it did was to take a(n) ---- from the Martian soil.
a) term b) peer c) acceptable d) specimen
The students get a monthly ---- which usually consists of writing a report.
a) independently b) mental c) assignment d) peer
Half of the courses in our department were ----. There were a variety of courses to choose from.
a) optional b) term c) assignment d) mental
Children need to be taught to learn ---- at primary school, otherwise they can't get anywhere in their school life.
a) happy b) optional c) assignment d) independently
In most countries, schools have two ----, or semesters, while in others there can be up to six.
a) terms b) acceptable c) mental d) independent
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