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Current electricity ___________ flow.
a) does b) does not c) changes d)
A circuit that connects each object to the cell separately is a ______ circuit.
a) open b) series c) parallel d)
When dangerously high current flows through a _____ a thin metal strip melts, creating an open current stopping the flow of electricity.
a) fuse b) battery c) light bulb d)
A circuit that has two objects connected in a single path, is a _____ circuit.
a) open b) series c) parallel d)
One way to make current electricity is to use a _______, which changes chemical energy into electrical energy.
a) cell b) switch c) filament d)
When too much current flows through a conductor is it called a?
a) closed circuit b) open circuit c) short circuit d)
Because the filament of a light bulb is a resistor, it allows the light bulb to change electrical energy to ?
a) filaments and resistors b) light and heat c) stored energy d)
_____ allow electrical energy to be changed to other forms of energy.
a) resistors b) filaments c) switches d)
The strength of electrical current is measured in ?
a) ampheres b) ounces c) liters d)
When a switch is in opened position, the circuit is opened and current will
a) flow b) not flow c) will close d)
When a switch is in the closed position, the circuit is closed and current will?
a) not flow b) will flow c) will open d)
A device called a _______ controls the flow of current in a circuit.
a) amphere b) switch c) filament d)
If there are gaps or breaks in a path, it is called an _______ circuit.
a) closed b) opened c) parallel d)
Current electricity will flow only through a ______ circuit.
a) open b) closed c) any d)
The electricity that FLOWS through a circuit is called?
a) static electricity b) a discharge c) current electricity d)
___________ electricity does NOT flow.
a) static b) current c) lightning d)
The complete path that electricity can move through is called a?
a) discharge b) circuit c) switch d)
In order for electricity to flow, electricity must follow a ______ path.
a) complete b) incomplete c) no d) any
An ___________ allows electricity to flow through it.
a) insulator b) conductor c) rubber glove d)
A ____________ does not allow electricity to flow through it
a) insulator b) conductor c) metal d)
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