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Down Syndrome can be diagnosed by
a) a karyotype b) a blood test c) a urine test d) a science test
Tay Sachs affects
a) the nervous system b) children c) mostly Jews of Eastern European descent d) all of the above
A disorder that does not allow enough oxygen to flow through the blood is
a) Sickle Cell Anemia b) Hemophilia c) PKU d) Tay Sachs
Which disorder is characterized by a trisomy on the 21st chromosomes?
a) Down Syndrome b) PKU c) Sickle Cell Anemia d) Tay Sachs
Which disorder is caused by a lack of platelets causing blood not to clot?
a) Hemophilia b) Muscular Dystrophy c) PKU d) Sickle Cell Anemia
Which disorder is checked for with a blood test moments after a baby is born?
a) PKU b) Down Syndrome c) Tay Sachs d) Muscular Dystrophy
Before blood was screened for HIV, many sufferers of this disorder ended up with HIV from having routine blood transfusions.
a) Hemophilia b) Tay Sachs c) PKU d) Muscular Dystrophy
Being a carrier for which disorder gives you natural immunity to malaria?
a) Sickle Cell Anemia b) Tay Sachs c) PKU d) Down Syndrome
Which disorder can cause mental retardation as the body cannot process certain proteins?
a) PKU b) Tay Sachs c) Down Syndrome d) Hemophilia
Which disorder has no cure and the sufferers usually die at age 5?
a) Tay Sachs b) PKU c) Down Syndrome d) Sickle Cell Anemia
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