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The process of growing plants without soil is
a) hydroponics b) hyponex c) soil-less gardening d) hydraulics
The chemical and physical processes that break rock apart and remove minerals from them is
a) texture b) leaching c) weathering d) infiltration
The acid formed when carbon dioxide given off from plant roots reacts with water in soil is
a) acid rain b) sulfuric acid c) carbonic acid d) hydrochloric acid
Cave formations that extend from the cave floor are
a) stalagmites b) stalled formations c) stalingrad d) stalactites
Organic fertilizers are
a) natural b) concentrated c) short term d) made from petroleum products
The three primary nutrients are nitrogen, potassium and
a) calcium b) zinc c) phosphorus d) magnesium
Parent material of soil is
a) humus b) bedrock c) moss d) lichens
___________ are the means we measure soil quality.
a) indicators b) conductivity and pH c) amount of water quality d) crop yield indication
Soil with poor drainage and lacks air and appears as a bluish-gray color contains iron in this form
a) FeO b) Fe2 O3 c) CaO d) Ca2O3
A soil that is characterized by good infiltration, poor water-holding capacity and good aeration is
a) clay b) loam c) sand d) silt
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