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Which of the following would be an example of parasitism?
a) A tick on a deer b) A bee pollinating a flower c) A bird riding on a water buffalo d) Ivy growing on a tree
When two organisms live together and both benefit from the relationship
a) commensalism b) parasitism c) mutualism d) competition
Two or more organisms in an ecosystem trying to use the same resources
a) competition b) mutualism c) parasitism d) commensalism
Relationship in an ecosystem where one organism benefits and the other is harmed
a) parasitism b) commensalism c) mutualism d) competition
Which of the following shows commensalism
a) Hermit crabs live in discarded shells...the snails are not harmed nor do they benefit b) wrasse fish feeding on parasites that live on sea bass....both organisms benefit c) a flea feeding on a dog d) ivy growing on a tree
Rabbits and deer both live near a small plot of grass. What relationship might occurs as they search for food?
a) competition b) mutualism c) commensalism d) parasitism
Which of the following shows and example of mutualism?
a) A humming bird pollinating a long-necked flower...the bee gets nectar, the flower gets pollinated b) mistletoe growing on a tree -the mistletoe takes food and water from the tree, the tree is harmed c) leeches feeding on fish, the fish are harmed d) round worms in the belly of a dog
Wolves and coyotes both feed on rabbits in a small forest area. What type of relationship?
a) competition b) mutualism c) parasitism d) commensalism
An owl feeds on a mouse....what is the mouse?
a) prey b) predator c) autotroph d) parasite
An owl feeds on a mouse....what is the owl?
a) predator b) prey c) autotroph d) parasite
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