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Which of the following was Africa's first and greatest trading empire
a) Songhai b) Mali c) Ghana d) Kush
In Ghana, leadership was passed on to a king's
a) Son b) Wife c) Sister d) Nephew
Who ruled the provinces of Mali's government
a) Kings b) Clans c) Generals d) Officers
The berbers adopted camels as a way to travel as well as a source of
a) Food b) Leather c) Milk d) Water
During the 1400's, the European slave trade was started in Africa by
a) England b) France c) Portugal d) Spain
Which of the following is not a function of an African folktale?
a) Entertain b) Explain Origins c) Record the History of People d) to Tell Others about Rare Disease
Stories passed down by mouth from generation to generation was known as
a) Dhow b) Oral History c) Folklore d) Campfire Stories
Education in African villages was carried out by family and
a) Church b) Other Villages c) The Village School d) Tribal Councils
Families made up of several different generations are called
a) Extended Families b) Clans c) Griots d) Swahili
Mansa Musa was the ruler of which of the following African Kingdoms?
a) Mali b) Songhai c) Ghana d) Henry
Which of the following did Mansa Musa NOT take along with him during his Haiji
a) 100 camel loads of gold b) All of his children c) His Senior Wife d) Salves that were carrying gold staffs
Which of the following did Mansa Musa NOT promote in Mali
a) Education b) Christianity c) Islam d) Trade
A belief shared by most traditional african religions is
a) A single creator god b) One heaven c) Symbols of faith d) Jesus, the son of God
African societies were introduced to Islam through
a) Missionaries b) Trade c) War d) Prision
Under the Tang Dynasty, rulers carried out many
a) Building projects b) Military improvements c) Religious reforms d) Trade missions
Many Chinese thought that Buddhist monks and nuns weakened respect for family life because they were not allowed to
a) Eat rice b) Leave their temple c) Live with family d) Marry
Many people became Buddhists in China during the A.D. 100s because
a) Buddhism provided a strong, stable government b) Monasteries were peaceful places c) They feared Confucianism d) They wanted to seek peace and avoid suffering during a difficult, violent time
According to Confucius, what do good governments depend on?
a) Educated Citizens b) Frugal Rulers c) Powerful military d) Wise leaders
During the Song Dynasty, the painting of these were popular
a) Harmonies b) Landscapes c) Portrait d) Still Lifes
The Chinese discovered that they could use which substance to heat things and make steel?
a) Coal b) Gunpowder c) Oil d) Wood
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