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What happens once the starting materials are in the energy-making organelle?
a) The organelles store the starting materials until another part can break them down b) The organelles use energy to break down bonds of the starting materials and create new energy and compounds c) The organelles make all kinds of other organelles d) The organelles keep all of the energy
What are the end products for cellular respiration?
a) Glucose and oxygen b) Oxygen and water c) Water and carbon dioxide d) Glucose and carbon dioxide
What are the starting materials for cellular respiration?
a) Glucose and oxygen b) Carbon dioxide and water c) Glucose and carbon dioxide d) Oxygen and water
What are the end products for photosynthesis?
a) Carbon dioxide and water b) Water and glucose c) Oxygen and carbon dioxide d) Glucose and oxygen
What are the starting materials for Photosynthesis?
a) Carbon Dioxide and water b) Glucose and oxygen c) Oxygen and carbon dioxide d) Water and glucose
Which organelle is responsible for making energy in an animal cell?
a) Lysosome b) Chloroplast c) Nucleus d) Mitochondria
Which organelle is responsible for making energy in a plant cell?
a) Central vacuole b) Nucleus c) Chloroplast d) Mitochondria
What is the name given to the major source of energy in cells?
a) Carbon b) Glucose c) Oxygen d) Water
Which term means energy that is stored in the bonds between molecules?
a) Chemical Energy b) Chemical resction c) Photosynthesis d) Cellular respiration
What do ALL cells need in order to live?
a) Sunlight b) Energy c) Oxygen d) Carbon
Why is it important that the cell membrane is made of lipids?
a) They act as a boundary b) They LOVE water c) They let everything in d) They get rid of everything
Where do chemical reactions inside a cell happen?
a) Water b) Cytoplasm c) Lysosome d) Central Vacuole
What characteristic do all molecules share?
a) They all contain carbon b) They all contain oxygen c) They all contain hydrogen d) THey all contain nitrogen
What does fermentation not use?
a) Oxygen b) Carbon c) Nitrogen d) Hydrogen
What is the main function of a lipid?
a) Fight blood infections b) Transport materials c) Make up the cell membrane d) Make your muscles move
What type of fermentation makes cheese and yogurt?
a) Photosynthesis b) Cellular Respiration c) Alcoholic d) Lactic Acid
What type of fermentation makes bread using yeast?
a) Cellular Respiration b) Photosynthesis c) Lactic Acid d) Alcoholic
What can matter be broken down into?
a) Elements b) Sugar c) Chlorophyll d) Organelles
What is the best description of chemical energy?
a) A plants way of making energy b) An animals cells way of making energy c) Energy breaks down bonds and new energy is formed d) When I combine chemicals to make energy
Which method of making energy can be considered the battery back up?
a) Fermentation b) Cellular respiration c) Photosynthesis d) Diffusion
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