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Another word for hydrophilic
a) polar b) nonpolar c) d)
A type of lipid that does not have any fatty acids on it
a) steroid b) phospholipid c) triglceride d) unsaturated fatty acid chain
The number of rings in the structure of a steroid.
a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 1
the number of carbon atoms in glycerol.
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
A phosphorus atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms is called a ____________________g roup.
a) phosphate b) phospholipid c) phosphorus d)
A large category of molecules that are all hydrophobic
a) lipids b) proteins c) carbohydrates d)
The word that describes the nonpolar nature of tails on a phospholipid.
a) hydrophobic b) hydrophilic c) d)
The process of joining fatty acids to glycerol that removes water molecules
a) dehydration synthesis b) hydration synthesis c) d)
The functional group on a fatty acid is a _____________ group.
a) carboxyl b) hydroxyl c) d)
Meaning having a dual nature
a) amphipatic b) amphopatic c) d)
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