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A management style best to use when the work is routine with few changes.
a) strategic management b) staffing c) controlling d) implementing
Involves analyzing information, setting goals, and making decisions about what needs to be done.
a) planning b) staffing c) judgment d) implementing
Determining how well the business is accomplishing its goals
a) controlling b) staffing c) courage d) implementing
A manager who is willing to make unpopular decisions is showing this leadership characteristic.
a) Courage b) Organizing c) Staffing d) Planning
Identifying and arranging the work and resources needed to achieve company goals.
a) Organizing b) Judgment c) Implementing d) Planning
A manager who makes decisions carefully is showing this leadership characteristic.
a) Judgment b) Implementing c) ZCourage d) Dependability
A management style best tu sue when working under tight time pressures.
a) Tactical b) Strategic c) False d) Real
A manager who follows through on commitments is showing this leadership characteristic.
a) Dependability b) Staffing c) Judgment d) Organizing
Directing and leading people to accomplish the planned work of the organization.
a) Implementing b) Dependability c) Judgment d) Courage
The process of accomplishing the goals of an organization by effectively using people and other resources is called _________.
a) Management b) Abbreviation c) Leadership d) All of the above
The way a manager treats and involve employees is called management _______.
a) Style b) Taste c) Significance d) Improvement
The ability to motivate individuals and groups to accomplish important goals is called ________.
a) Leadership b) Significance c) Goals d) Accomplishments
____ are the principles of conduct governing an individual or groups.
a) Ethics b) Rules c) Truths d) Proofs
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