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'Cilia' can be identified as what?
a) walking legs b) short arms c) tiny hair-like structures used for movement d) protection for the protist
This protist can be found in warm freshwater and could potentially attach itself to your brain using a pseudopod
a) amoeba b) euglena c) paramecium d)
This protist moves by beating tiny like hairs called cilia.
a) euglena b) paramecium c) amoeba d)
A common characteristic of protists is that they live in ______ environments.
a) dry b) moist c) cold d) hot
This organelle is specific to plant cells and provides support and shape for the cell.
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) cytoplasm d) mitochondria
This particular protist moves by pulling itself along with flagella.
a) euglena b) paramecium c) amoeba d)
This shape of bacteria looks like a bunch of spheres grouped together.
a) bacilli b) cocci c) spirilla d)
Spirilla shaped bacteria resembles what shape?
a) spheres b) rods or bars c) spirals d)
Bacilli shaped bacteria resemble what?
a) spheres b) bars or rods c) spirals d)
This organelle is specific to plant cells and gives them their green color. It also helps the plant make food.
a) cytoplasm b) chloroplast c) cell membrane d) cell wall
These serve as temporary storage centers for the cell.
a) vacuole b) mitochondria c) cell wall d) chloroplast
The word 'pseudopod' means what?
a) little foot b) fake leg c) false foot d) big arm
________ is the gel like fluid inside of a cell, made mostly of water.
a) cytoplasm b) chloroplast c) jell-o d) mitochondria
This organelle contains the genetic material and is the control center of the cell.
a) mitochondria b) nucleus c) cytoplasm d) chloroplast
Diffusion of water across a membrane is called______.
a) solution b) dilution c) diffusion d) osmosis
The thin, flexible outer covering of a cell
a) cell wall b) cytoplasm c) cell membrane d) cell coating
Many organelles are too small to be seen without the aid of a _______?
a) telescope b) microscope c) stethoscope d) magnifying glass
What is the smallest unit of life that conducts life functions?
a) cell b) atom c) neuron d) widget
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