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Plane passes horizontally dividing the body into superior and inferior parts
a) Transverse b) Frontal c) Sagittal d) Medial
Plane passes from front to back and divides the body into right and left portions, if the plane passes through the midline, it is a mid-sagittal or medial plane
a) Sagittal b) Transverse c) Frontal d) Proximal
Toward the lower end of the spine
a) caudal b) internal c) distal d) superficial
Close to surface of the body
a) superficial (external) b) superior c) lateral d) posterior(dorsal)
Close to the center of the body
a) deep (internal) b) superficial(external) c) caudal d) sagittal
Plane also called a coronal plane, is made at right angles to the midline and divides the body into anterior and posterior parts
a) Frontal b) Transverse c) Sagittal d) Superior
a) Superior b) Inferior c) Anterior d) Sagittal
a) Inferior b) Distal c) Transverse d) Deep
Toward the head
a) Cranial (cephalic b) Medial c) Proximal d) Upward
Nearer to the point of attachment or to a given reference point
a) Proximal b) Distal c) Superior d) Posterior
Ffarther from the point of attachment or from a given reference point
a) Distal b) Proximal c) Lateral d) Medial
Toward the front (belly) of the body
a) Anterior (ventral) b) Lateral c) Inferior d) Posterior(dorsal)
Toward the back of the body
a) Posterior (dorsal) b) Distal c) Proximal d) Anterior
Toward the midline of the body
a) Caudal b) Superior c) Medial d) Distal
Toward the side of the body
a) Anterior b) Inferior c) Frontal d) Lateral
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