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What is the blank area on a web page that is placed there on purpose called?
a) active white space b) checkbox c) library d) form
What is a written description next to a form element that tells the user what kind of information is expected in the element called?
a) checkbox b) attribute c) event d) label
What is the element used on a web page to collect information from users called?
a) checkbox b) library c) form d) label
What is an individual attribute of an object called?
a) frameset b) panel c) property d) library
What is a form element that allows users to check more than one option from a group of items for a given question?
a) panel b) checkbox c) label d) attribute
Space to the right and left of an image is called
a) vertical space b) frameset c) horizontal space d) form
A small window that contains commonly-used tasks; may be docked or undocked
a) panel b) frame c) form d) library
Some action that occurs in the browser that JavaScript can monitor is called
a) attribute b) horizontal space c) event d) panel
The definition portion of a value is called
a) label b) value c) icon d) URL
The primary workspace on the Dreamweaver interface used for creating web pages is called the
a) panel b) property inspector c) document window d) form
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