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Organisms that make their own food
a) consumers b) producers c) carnivores d) omnivores
The trophic level that eats primary consumers
a) secondary consumers b) primary consumers c) producers d) tertiary consumers
Overlapping food chains in an ecosystem
a) trophic levels b) food chain c) consumers d) food web
material from living or recently dead organisms
a) food chain b) food web c) biomass d) scavengers
Organisms like fungi and bacteria that break down dead organisms
a) omnivores b) herbivores c) carnivores d) decomposers
Explains how much energy transfers within the different trophic levels
a) 10% Rule b) energy pyramid c) food chain d) food web
The temperature in a compost bin increases as
a) energy is created b) weather changes c) matter decays d) energy disappears
Organisms that eat other organisms
a) autotroph b) producer c) omnivores d) biomass
If the producer has 6,000 units of energy, which is true?
a) The tertiary consumer would have 6 b) The secondary consumer would have 600 c) The primary consumer would have 6 d) The tertiary consumer would have 600
Which is true about the relationships in a food web?
a) Organisms are not dependent on each other b) All organisms get energy directly from the producer c) All energy originates from the sun d) energy is created by producers
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