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A statement detailing the intended use of the network, what kinds of computer-related activities are appropriate and consequences
a) extranet b) intranet c) fair use d) acceptable use policy
A policy that entitles the public to use portions of copyrighted material without permission for reporting
a) acceptable use policy b) extranet c) copyright d) fair use
A web site that allows an organization to communicate and share resources with a select group outside the organization
a) copyright b) intranet c) extranet d) gopher
Legal protection that grants exclusive ownership to the creator of any original work
a) acceptable use policy b) copyright c) fair use d) trademark
A web site that is used only by the members of a group or organization.
a) extranet b) intranet c) gopher d) inlining
The primary internet protocol for transferring files
a) file transfer protocol b) gopher c) simple mail transport protocol d) trademark
E-mail software on your computer
a) inlining b) framing c) mail client d) telnet
Any distinguished symbol, figure, letter, word, or name that has been registered with a government patent office
a) RAID b) SMTP c) trademark d) gopher
A hyperlink to another web site that bypasses the home page and jumps directly to an internal page
a) deep link b) extranet c) intranet d) gopher
The process of placing a graphic image on your site by linking to a file that is actually hosted on another site
a) port number b) public domain c) gopher d) inlining
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