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A long piece of land with water on three sides
a) peninsula b) valley c) lake d) island
A low land between mountains or hills
a) island b) peninsula c) valley d) lake
A very large body of land
a) continent b) state c) country d) nation
A part of a country
a) continent b) landform c) region d) state
A body of water with land all around it
a) lake b) island c) peninsula d) valley
A natural shape of land
a) valley b) landform c) island d) peninsula
Another word for country
a) nation b) state c) continent d) valley
A land where people have the same laws and leader
a) continent b) state c) country d) landform
Land with water all around it
a) lake b) island c) peninsula d) valley
What the air is like at any given time
a) weather b) climate c) region d) natural resource
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