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An uninterrupted movement across a smooth surface
a) roll b) spin c) slide d)
Cause to move in a particular direction by turning over and over
a) roll b) spin c) slide d)
A series of small, fast movements back and forth or from side to side
a) vibration b) effect c) magnet d)
A force of attraction that causes a magnetic material to move
a) magnetism b) motion c) location d)
An object that attracts iron and a few other magnetic materials
a) magnet b) effect c) magnetism d)
An event that involves a change in position or location of something
a) movement b) effect c) motion d)
A change in position of an object
a) motion b) movement c) location d)
Energy produced by vibrations
a) heat energy b) light energy c) sound energy d)
A form of energy which our eyes can detect
a) heat energy b) light energy c) sound energy d)
Transfer of thermal energy from one object to another object
a) heat energy b) light energy c) sound energy d)
To gradually grow more or larger
a) increase b) movement c) decrease d)
To gradually grow less or smaller
a) increase b) decrease c) motion d)
To turn or whirl around quickly
a) roll b) spin c) slide d)
The power to produce an outcome or achieve a result
a) magnet b) effect c) location d)
A particular place or position
a) location b) increase c) decrease d)
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