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temperature and the amount of precipitation in an area
a) climate b) individual c) community d) biosphere
Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail
a) Climate b) Precipitation c) Biome d) Biosphere
a single organism
a) Organ b) Individual c) Bioime d) Population
more than one organism in the same species
a) Individual b) Community c) Population d) Biosphere
More than one organism from different species (only living)
a) Individual b) Community c) Population d) Biosphere
An area that includes living and nonliving items
a) Individual b) Population c) Community d) Ecosystem
An area of land shares a similar climate
a) Biome b) Biosphere c) Ecosystem d) Population
all the biomes put together
a) biosphere b) population c) ecosystem d) community
parts of a cell
a) Organs b) Organelles c) Organ System d) Cell Diversity
Building blocks of all living things
a) DNA b) Cells c) Atoms d) Protons
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