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Why did Cuba place economic sanctions on Cuba?
a) Cuba attempted to reunify with Spain b) Cuba claimed to own the Panama Canal c) Cuba adopted a system of communism d) Cuba trained international terrorist groups
In communist Cuba, laborers work primarily to do what?
a) support the national government b) save money for retirement c) build houses for relatives d) invest in overseas businesses
One effect of Cuba eventually adopting a free enterprise system would be what?
a) more expenses for the Cuban government b) opportunities for Cubans to own a private business c) fewer Cubans finding employment opportunities d) a guaruntee of profits for businesses in Cuba
Which caribbean nation is an example of rule by one?
a) Haiti b) Jamaica c) Cuba d) Trinidad
Which cultural trait distinguishes Brazil from other nations in South America?
a) carnival celebrations b) lack of education c) Protestant religion d) Portugeses language
How have people in Central America modified the environment?
a) burning volcanic rock for fuel b) cutting down rainforests for land for farming c) building dams d) constructing seawalls
Which one is true of a market economy but NOT a communist economy
a) less government control b) industrial prodcution meets government quotas c) government determines product availability d) supply is determined by the government
What do you look at to determine if a country is crowded?
a) amount of people in a defined area b) amount of people c) size of area d) how many women and men there are
How are governments of Cuba and Canada different?
a) Cuba has supply and demand and Canada doesn't b) Cuba has a monarch and Canada has a president c) Cuba has public schools and Canada does not d) Cuba has a dictator and Canada has elected leadership
Why do most Central Americans live in rural areas?
a) They like the country b) To help their allergies c) It's more expensive d) Farming is the primary economic activity
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