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lack of urine formation
a) anuria b) atresia c) edema d) enuresis
abnormal narrowing, as of the ureters or urethra
a) atresia b) anuria c) azotemia d) cystitis
bladder stone
a) cystolith b) dysuria c) edema d) enuresis
painful urination
a) dysuria b) edema c) enuresis d) uremia
urinary incontinence
a) enuresis b) dysuria c) pyuria d) wilms' tumor
blood in urine
a) hematuria b) hematoma c) nephrosis d) pyuria
inability to prevent excretion of urine or feces
a) incontinence b) nocturia c) polyuria d) uremia
frequent nightime urination
a) nocturia b) nighturia c) polyuria d) dysuria
scanty urine production
a) oliguria b) polycystic c) pyuria d) uremia
excessive urination
a) polyuria b) pyuria c) nocturia d) anuria
pus in urine
a) pyuria b) atresia c) anuria d) dysuria
acute renal failure
a) ARF b) AFR c) RF d) RFA
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