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to criticize or discipline
a) subside b) amiss c) chastise d) avail
to lounge; to recline
a) modify b) loll c) avail d) hover
easily transmittable
a) spontaneous b) contagious c) amiss d) tedious
in a faulty way, astray, or wrong
a) loll b) chastise c) amiss d) avail
the language specific to a group of people due to geography, society, or an occupation
a) deplore b) avail c) dialect d) bizarre
to lessen, diminish, decline
a) chastise b) culminate c) modify d) subside
to feel or express strong disapproval of
a) tedious b) deplore c) loll d) dialect
to suspend in air; to wait nearby
a) amiss b) loll c) hover d) avail
boring, tiring, or monotonous
a) modify b) amiss c) tedious d) contagious
to be of use to; to help
a) amiss b) modify c) avail d) loll
to come to the end or the highest point
a) subside b) amiss c) culminate d) chastise
unusual, odd or outrageous
a) bizarre b) avail c) deplore d) hover
unplanned and impulsive
a) contagious b) preposterous c) tedious d) spontaneous
foolish, absurd
a) contagious b) spontaneous c) preposterous d) tedious
to change; to amend
a) tedious b) avail c) amiss d) modify
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