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Our bridge is shaky like a skeleton.
a) metaphor b) simile c) hyperbole d) alliteration
I've told you a million times to clean your room.
a) simile b) hyperbole c) metaphor d) onomatopoeia
The bridge was groaning as we slowly crossed to the other side.
a) simile b) metaphor c) onomatopoeia d) personification
The baby birds splashed in the puddle.
a) simile b) onomatopoeia c) personification d) metaphors
That man is a walking encyclopedia.
a) simile b) metaphor c) personfication d) alliteration
Steve turned as white as a ghost when he saw an enourmous spider.
a) simile b) metaphor c) personification d) onomatopoeia
Sally said she should surely pass Social Studies.
a) simile b) metaphor c) alliteration d) onomatopoeia
These shoes are killing my feet.
a) simile b) metaphor c) alliteration d) hyperbole
Her singing sounds like a cat dying.
a) simile b) metaphor c) onomatopoeia d) hyperbole
Her eyes are pools of creamy chocolate.
a) simile b) metaphor c) hyperbole d) personification
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