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Which is not an example of artificial selection?
a) poodles being selected to be smaller and smaller b) Corn being selected to produce more kernels c) Trees being selected because they are better at getting light d) Cows being selected because they produce the most milk
Which of these is NOT true
a) Several phylums make up a kingdom b) Several classes make up a family c) Several families make up a genus d) Several classes make up a phylum
Why is biogeography?
a) The study of the earth b) The study of life c) Where species are found d) the relationship of species in an area
A fossil is found with similar bone structure to a living organism, what must be true
a) The fossil and the current organism are the same b) the fossil lived in the same environment as the current species c) The organism evolved from the fossil species d) Nothing, its a happy coincident
What must be true for speciation to occur
a) Nothing b) intermixing of traits c) isolation d) animals dying
What is fitness
a) Ability to survive and reproduce b) Ability to climb a tree better than another species c) Being able to run faster than another species d) Something we get better at by going to the gym
What must be true for natural selection to occur
a) traits must lead to better or worse ability to survive b) there must be differences in a population c) traits must be able to passed on genetically d) all of these are true
A theory is:
a) a guess b) a well test explanation c) a controlled experiment d) something you test with an experiment
Which is not a domain?
a) Animalia b) Bacteria c) Archaea d) Eukarya
What is the first step to the scientific process
a) Hypothesis b) Inference c) Observation d) Experimenting
Who discovered natural selection
a) Darwin b) Linnaeus c) Dawson d) Jones
What is a vestigial structure
a) a structure that is the same function as another species b) a structure that looks the same as another species c) A structure that no longer has a use but did in an old ancestor d) All of the above are true
A genus includes which of the following
a) Several Kingdoms b) Several Orders c) Several Families d) Several species
Which is not a characteristic of all living things
a) DNA b) Ability to move c) Ability to reproduce d) Ability to obtain energy
Every Genus falls into all of these BUT
a) A kingdom b) A domain c) A species d) A family
Assigning every species a 2 part name is called
a) Latin naming b) Common naming c) Binomial Nomenclature d) Linnaeus Naming
Which is the smallest of the taxonomic classifications
a) Genus b) Order c) Family d) Kingdom
What does it mean if 2 species have a homologous structure
a) similar selective pressures b) Similar common ancestor c) Similar environment d) I have no clue
Bird wings and fly wings are examples of?
a) analogous structures b) homologous structures c) vestigial structures d) arms
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