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This person ruled during the Golden Age of Greece
a) Solon b) Peisistratus c) Cleisthenes d) Pericles
He ruled as a tyrant and overthrew the oligarchy.
a) Solon b) Peisistratus c) Cleisthenes d) Pericles
This was the marketplace where political speeches were made in ancient Greece
a) acropolis b) polis c) parthenon d) agora
This person gave citizenship to all free men in Athens
a) Pericles b) Solon c) Cleisthenes d) Peisistratus
This man is called the Father of Democracy
a) Draco b) Pericles c) Cleisthenes d) Peisistratus
He encouraged all citizens to participate in government and take pride in their city-state
a) Draco b) Solon c) Cleisthenes d) Pericles
A government that is ruled by a few people or a small group of people (usually the wealthy)
a) Tyranny b) Democracy c) Monarchy d) Oligarchy
A type of government that is ruled by a king/queen.
a) Monarchy b) Democracy c) Tyranny d) Oligarchy
Type of government that we have in the United States
a) Tyranny b) direct democracy c) representative democracy d) all of the above
Type of government that existed in ancient Greece
a) monarchy b) direct democracy c) tyranny d) all of the above
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