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Another name for the throat.
a) trahcea b) pharynx c) windpipe d) diaphragm
A name for the air you breath.
a) carbon dioxide b) atmosphere c) oxygen d) liquid hydrogen
The place where air is cleaned and warmed before it enters the lungs.
a) mouth b) throat c) lungs d) nose
Waste gas that is exhaled from the body.
a) nicotine b) carbon monoxide c) carbon dioxide d) oxygen
A sticky liquid lining the parts of the respiratory system.
a) tar b) boogers c) mucus d) saliva
The process of inhaling and exhaling.
a) breathing b) respiration c) nose d) oxygen
A drug in tabacco smoke that makes the blood vessals become narrower and causes the heart to work harder.
a) cocaine b) tar c) carbon monoxide d) nicotine
What are three diseases that long-term smking helps to cause?
a) chicken pox, lung cancer, heart disease b) emphysema, whooping cough, throat cancer c) lung cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchitis d) chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, respiratory disease
What poisonous gas , pushes oxygen out of the red blood cells?
a) carbon monoxide b) carbon dioxide c) nicotine d) oxygen
What is the substance in tabacco smoke that slows down the work of the cilia?
a) nicotine b) tar c) carbon monoxide d) emphysema
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