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The long and thin part of a plant that grows above the ground.
a) Stem b) Leaf c) Grass d) Blossom
A flat and green part of a plant that grows from a stem or a branch.
a) Leaf b) Root c) Sprout d) Stem
A baby who is just learning to walk
a) Toddler b) Crib c) Person d) Tadpole
The boy said his _____ was 12.
a) Age b) Person c) Tail d) Young
a) To make a flower or to open as a flower. b) The flower of a plant. c) A small part grows on a plant and becomes a flower or leaf. d) One of the soft, colorful parts of a flower.
A dark area on your skin that you get when you hurt yourself.
a) Bruise b) Stumble c) Toddler d) Young
A small bed with high sides that a baby sleeps in.
a) Crib b) Stumble c) Person d) Toddler
How old something or someone is.
a) Age b) Adult c) Bruise d) Person
Would you like a ______ of cake?
a) Piece b) Caterpillar c) Bruise d) Petal
My dog's ______ shakes when it's happy.
a) Tail b) Stem c) Tadpole d) Caterpillar
A long, thin animal that has a soft body with no legs or bones.
a) Worm b) Caterpillar c) Tail d) Pond
A small area of water that has land around it.
a) Pond b) Caterpillar c) Piece d) Tadpole
A covering that caterpillars make to turn into butterflies.
a) Cocoon b) Change c) Pond d) Stumble
To be in a flat position or surface.
a) Lie b) Pond c) Change d) Stumble
To make or become different.
a) Become b) Change c) Piece d) Worm
A long, thin bug that turns into a butterfly or moth.
a) Caterpillar b) Change c) Become d) Tadpole
To grow or come to something.
a) Become b) Change c) Caterpillar d) Cocoon
The part of a plant that grows under the ground.
a) Root b) Sprout c) Stem d) Leaf
To move with your hands or feet.
a) Crawl b) Babble c) Toddler d) Stumble
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