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Who was allowed to live in Virginia?
a) Everyone b) Only anglicans c) Only catholics d) Only puritans
What was the government in Virginia called?
a) legislature b) House of Representatives c) House of Burgesses d) Senate
How did most colonists in Virginia make money?
a) By logging b) By fishing c) By growing cash crops on plantations d) By trading with the indians
Who was allowed to vote in Virginia?
a) Everyone b) Only white men that owned land c) Only white men d) Only men
Which southern colony had a friendly relationship with the indians that lived there?
a) The Carolinas b) Maryland c) Virginia d) Georgia
Why did most colonists move to Virginia?
a) They were looking for gold. b) They wanted religious freedom. c) They liked the weather there. d) They wanted to farm there.
What does the word legislature mean?
a) A set of laws b) A group of people with the power to make and change laws c) A group of people that can vote d) A group of people that live in the same area
What was the first southern colony?
a) The Carolinas b) Virginia c) Maryland d) Georgia
Which colonies were founded by Britain in order to stop France and Spain from settling the land?
a) The Carolinas and Georgia b) The Carolinas c) Georgia, Virginia and the Carolinas d) Virginia and Georgia
Why was the colony of Maryland created?
a) As a refuge for debtors and poor people b) To make money for Britain c) As a refuge for catholics d) As a refuge for protestants
In 1649 Maryland created the toleration act. What did the toleration act say?
a) Indians and colonists need to stop fighting. b) Colonists must be nice to one another. c) Colonists can worship whatever religion they want to. d) Colonists must be nice to African Americans.
Who started the colony of Georgia?
a) William Penn b) James Oglethorpe c) Thomas Hooker d) Lord Baltimore
Which southern colony did not allow its colonists to vote, drink or own slaves?
a) Georgia b) Virginia c) The Carolinas d) Maryland
Why was the colony of Georgia created?
a) As a place for religious freedom b) As a place for poor people and debtors c) As a refuge for Catholics d) In order to earn money for England
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