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A negative subatomic particle.
a) electron b) proton c) neutron d) photon
A substance made up of one kind of atom.
a) element b) compound c) d)
Where are the neutrons and protons found in an atom
a) Nucleus b) Orbitals c) d)
Where are the electrons found in an atom?
a) Orbitals b) Nucleus c) d)
A subatomic particle with a neutral charge.
a) neutron b) proton c) electron d) photon
A subatomic particle with a negative charge.
a) electron b) neutron c) proton d) photon
A subatomic particle with a positive charge.
a) proton b) neutron c) electron d) photon
The center of an atom
a) nucleus b) orbital c) electron d) neutron
The smallest particle of an element with all of the properties of that element
a) atom b) neutron c) molecule d) electron
A substance made of two or more types of atoms (elements) that have been chemically combined (into a molecule or crystal)
a) compound b) molecule c) d)
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