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'An atom with a haircut'. The atom has changed its number of neutrons but NOT the number of protons.
a) beta particle b) isotope c) radioactive decay d)
The time it takes for half of a chunk of matter to give of its particles of radioactivity.
a) half-life b) whole-life c) particle-life d)
This is where electrons are found outside the nucleus.
a) electron box b) nucleus c) electron cloud d)
This are made of 2 protons and 2 neutrons
a) alpha particles b) neutrons c) atoms d)
The particle IN the nucleus with a positive charge. It gives the atom its identity.
a) proton b) isotope c) electron cloud d)
The 'positive' end of an electrode (metal that conducts)
a) proton b) anode c) electron d)
This is how we identify the atom. The atom's 'social security number'. The number of protons in an atom.
a) atomic number b) half-life c) beta particle d)
The smallest part of matter that you can have. Th building block of all matter.
a) isotope b) nucleus c) atom d)
When an atom is undergoing 'radioactive decay', it may end up changing it's number of protons and become a whole new substance. This is called.....
a) isotope b) transmutation c) cathode d)
Matter that is made of only one kind of atom. It is pure.
a) element b) anode c) alpha particle d)
A particle IN the atom's nucleus with a neutral (no) charge
a) neutron b) proton c) electron cloud d)
A negatively charged particle found in the 'electron cloud'
a) atom b) nucleus c) electron d)
The total mass of the atom (protons + neutrons). Electrons do NOT count because they are too small!i
a) atomic mass b) alpha particle c) neutron weight d)
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