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Remembering what you already know about a topic is called:
a) Activating prior knowledge b) Visualizing c) Summarizing d)
Good readers try to guess what will happen next in the story. This is called...
a) Visualizing b) Predicting c) Summarizing d)
At the end of reading you should...
a) Summarize the important information b) Make a prediction c) Look at the pictures d)
Visualizing is...
a) Listing details in the text b) Slowing down and rereading the text c) Creating a picture in our head from what we read or hear d)
What does connecting to the text mean?
a) Relating to what you are reading b) A main idea that is suggested c) Information that is interesting d)
What should you ask questions about when reading?
a) Something that seems important b) Something that interests or confuses you c) Something that cannot be answered with a yes or no d) All of the above
A connection between a reader and their life is called
a) Text to Self b) Text to World c) Text to Text d)
When you summarize...
a) You retell all the details in a story b) You retell only the most important details in a story c) You retell the entire story from the beginning d)
Another name for prior knowledge is
a) Schooner b) School c) Schema d)
An educated guess is called...
a) Visualizing b) Predicting c) Summarizing d)
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