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To continue to live, even though there is danger or hardship
a) Survive b) Flourish c) Escape d) Digest
To become limp through heat, loss of water or disease.
a) Wilt b) Infested c) Flourish d) Survive
To break free from confinement or control.
a) Escape b) Flourish c) Survive d) Wilt
To break down food inside the body.
a) Digest b) Escape c) Flourish d) Wilt
The main stem of a plant.
a) Stalk b) Creature c) Flourish d) Wilt
To grow and develop in a healthy way.
a) Flourish b) Environment c) Occupy d) Stalks
An area where a plant, animal or person lives.
a) Environment b) Flourish c) Creature d) Survive
To fly up high.
a) Soar b) Capture c) Cluster d) Route
A place where people can cross.
a) Crosswalk b) Crossroad c) Occupy d) Intercept
To stop or interrupt progress.
a) Intercept b) Arrest c) Static d) Chase
To follow quickly.
a) Chase b) Intercept c) Arrest d) Static
To take into custody.
a) Arrest b) Intercept c) Establish d) Chase
To set up
a) Establish b) Capture c) Arrested d) Static
To take up or fill up.
a) Occupy b) Arrested c) Establish d) Capture
Travel for pleasure by boat.
a) Cruise b) Crosswalk c) Establish d) Occupy
To make still.
a) Steady b) Arrested c) Crossroads d) Intercept
a) Static b) Chased c) Arrested d) Capture
An animal or person.
a) Creature b) Pest c) Wilt d) Digest
To free.
a) Capture b) Release c) Chased d) Static
A destructive animal or insect that attacks food plants.
a) Pest b) Infested c) Survive d) Creature
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