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Democracy is a type of what?
a) government b) economy c) d)
Free market and Capitalism are a type of what?
a) economy b) government c) d)
Mexico gained independence from what country?
a) Spain b) United States c) Canada d) France
Why do many Mexicans migrate?
a) they are forced to leave because of unemployment and lack of jobs b) they are forced to leave because they have no freedoms c) d)
What kind of economy is common to both Mexico and the United States?
a) mixed (free market and socialist) b) free market c) command d) traditional
True or False? Mexico has never had a dictator
a) True b) False c) d)
Why is Mexico poor?
a) it has very little soil for farming b) it has a lot of desert areas c) it has very little water d) all of the above
True or False? Mexico has high birth rates (numbers of babies born)
a) True b) False c) d)
What is a Mestizo?
a) a person of European and Indian descent b) a person of African and European descent c) a person of Asian descent d) a person of Caucasian and African descent
What kind of economy does Mexico have?
a) underdeveloped b) developed c) developing d)
What is the official language of Mexico?
a) English b) Native American c) Creole d) Spanish
What mountain range extends from Canada through the United States and Mexico?
a) The Sierra Madre Mountains b) the Andes Mountains c) The Rocky Mountains d) the Appalachian Mountains
True or False? Mexico does not have an earthquake zone
a) True b) False c) d)
Mexico's government is like North America's government because?
a) it has a president b) it allows for voting c) it allows freedoms and rights d) all of the above
What is the Central Plateau?
a) an area rich in soil for farming b) a desert c) a dessert d) an earthquake zone
What is the main export of Mexico?
a) automobiles b) cotton c) coffee d) oil
What kind of government does Mexico have?
a) Communist b) Democracy c) Monarchy d) Dictatorship
When the first Spanish settlers moved to Mexico, what cultural traits did they bring with them?
a) bullfighting and Spanish language b) pesos c) d)
Who were the first inhabitants of Mexico?
a) Mestizos b) Africans c) Native American Indians d) French
What is the major religion of Mexico?
a) Christianity (Catholicism) b) Islam c) Budhism d) Judaism
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