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The Central or universal message of a story.
a) Mood b) Plot c) Rising Action d) Theme
The lines spoken between characters in a play or in a piece of fiction; the main way in which plot, character, and other elements are established.
a) Summarize b) Dialogue c) Stage Directions d) Rising Action
A playwright's descriptive comments that provide information about the dialogue, setting, and actions during a play.
a) Rising Action b) Paraphrase c) Theme d) Stage Directions
To reduce large sections of text to their main points that are most important.
a) Summarize b) Falling Action c) Conflict d) Tone
The basic sequence of events in a story.
a) Introduction b) Rising Action c) Plot d) Resolution
To restate the meaning of something in your own words.
a) Dialogue b) Climax/Turning Point c) Paraphrase d) Setting
Provides necessary details about characters and setting, introduces the story.
a) Falling Action b) Introduction c) Resolution d) Falling Action
The part of the story that develops the problem/conflict through a series of events that build interest, these events lead to the climax/turning point.
a) Summarize b) Stage Directions c) Rising Action d) Plot
The highest point in the story where the problem/conflict reaches its peak, the turning point of the story.
a) Conflict b) Falling Action c) Paraphrase d) Climax/Turning Point
The events of the story after the climax.
a) Falling Actin b) Introduction c) Rising Action d) Setting
The conclusion of the story, how the problem was solved.
a) Climax b) Tone c) Mood d) Resolution
Man vs Man, Man vs Self, Man vs Nature, Man vs Society
a) Mood b) Conflict c) Tone d) Setting
How you feel when you read a text. (MM)
a) Setting b) Mood c) Resolution d) Plot
The author's attitude of his writing.
a) Introduction b) Rising Action c) Tone d) Resolution
The time and the place of the story.
a) Setting b) Climax c) Plot d) Introduction
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