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Marcia is updating her den by painting the walls yellow and purchasing red-violet and blue-violet furniture and accessories. Which color scheme is she using?
a) Accented neutral b) Monochromatic c) Split-complementary d) triad
To make the breakfast room in the senior citizens center bright and cheerful, the staff would use which color for the walls?
a) gray b) purple c) red d) Yellow
Symmetrical arrangement refers to:
a) Formal balance b) Informal balance c) Rhythm d) Texture.
Liz wears a bright yellow belt to accent her black jeans and turtleneck. The principle of design illustrated is:
a) balance b) Emphasis c) proportion d) rhythm
Yolanda decorated her kitchen with denim chair covers, green wall paint, and a blue-green checkered border on the wall. Which color scheme did she use?
a) Accented neutral b) Analogous c) Complementary d) triad
Which are the primary colors?
a) Blue, green, and violet b) Green, red, and orange c) Orange, green, and purple d) Yellow, blue, and red
To create the illusion of warmth, which colors should be selected?
a) Blue, green, and violet b) Red, orange, and yellow c) Red, white, and blue d) White, black, and gray
Short people should avoid which type of line?
a) curved b) diagonal c) Horizontal d) vertical
Which color is considered sophisticated and is often used for formal wear?
a) Black b) blue c) gray d) white
What results when the elements or design are used effectively according to the principles of design?
a) formality b) happiness c) Harmony d) intensity
Michael placed three pictures on the wall in his den. He began at eye level with the smallest picture and moved up the wall increasing the size of the picture each time. This is an example of:
a) alternation b) Gradation. c) Radiation d) Repetition
The center of attention in a living room is the large family portrait over the fireplace. This is an example of:
a) Balance. b) Emphasis. c) proportion d) rhythm
Which element of design is created by repetition, radiation, and alternation?
a) balance b) emphasis c) proportion d) Rhythm
Adding black to a color creates a:
a) neutral b) Shade c) tint d) value
Which element of design helps to lead eye movement by giving direction?
a) color b) Line c) shape d) texture
The principles of design include:
a) Balance, proportion, line, and texture. b) Color, line, shape, and texture c) Emphasis, shape, line, and rhythm. d) Proportion, balance, emphasis, and rhythm
The Rohleders remodeled their living room, making it more formal. They used gold and yellow tones to create this new look. Which color scheme did they use?
a) Accented neutral b) Analogous c) Complementary d) Monochromatic
Using violet, orange and green in a room would illustrate which color scheme?
a) analogous b) complementary c) monochromatic d) Triad
Maria’s sweater has vertical lines on the right side and circles on the left. Which principle of design is being illustrated?
a) Added visual texture b) Formal balance c) Informal balance d) Structural texture
The elements of design include:
a) Balance, color, line, and texture. b) Color, line, shape, and texture. c) Emphasis, shape, line, and rhythm. d) Proportion, balance, emphasis, and rhythm
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