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An atom has ________ overall charge because the positive and negative particles are equal.
a) no b) negative c) positive d) electrical
_____ gives off heat energy, light energy, sound energy, and electrical energy
a) discharge b) static electricity c) current electricity d) lightning
Wood, air, and rubber are examples of _____
a) positive charges b) insulators c) negative charges d) conductors
During a thunderstorm, stay away from tall objects lightning takes the clearest, ______ path to the ground.
a) longest b) straightest c) shortest d) most complex
Lightweight positive ice particles gather at the ____ of the cloud.
a) top b) bottom c) middle d) middle and bottom
Electricity flows easily through materials known as ____
a) conductors b) insulators c) positive charges d) negative charges
A discharge of static electricity from a huge cloud is called ____
a) conduction b) insulation c) magnetism d) lightning
Opposite charges _____ each other.
a) repel b) attract c) nuetralize d) buildup
Some particles inside atoms have positive or negative ____.
a) electrical charges b) heat c) insulators d) conductors
Similar charges _____ each other.
a) attract b) repel c) build up d) leak away
The buildup of electrical charges on a material is called ____.
a) repel b) lightning c) attract d) static electricity
All matter is made up of _____, tiny particles too small to see.
a) heat b) sound c) lightning d) atoms
___ occurs when charges jump between the negative cloud and the positive ground.
a) rain b) snow c) heavy winds d) lightning
When water and ice particles rub together inside a thunder cloud, the positive and negative charges _______.
a) separate b) come together c) become positive d) become negative
A material through which electricity DOES NOT flow is called an ____
a) discharge b) static c) conductor d) insulator
The movement of static electricity into an object is a ____
a) insulator b) conductor c) discharge d) lightning
Water and metal are examples of ____
a) conductors b) insulators c) discharge d) electrons
When lightning strikes a lightning rod on top of a tall building, electrical energy flows through a wire and into the _____
a) cloud b) ground c) atmosphere d) roof
Negative water particles gather at the ____ of the cloud.
a) middle b) top c) bottom d) top and middle
Rubbing a balloon with a wool cloth knocks negative charges off the cloth making the balloon have a negative charge and the wool cloth having a ______ charge
a) negative b) positive c) nuetral d) both charges
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